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School Holiday Camp in Japan

Explore Osaka + Okayama
14-19 September 2024

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RM6,990 *Include Flight

Open for High School Student
Special incentive plan for teacher with 20 students

(Osaka X Okayama)

School Holiday Camp in Japan

Explore Osaka, Kyoto, Nara + Kobe
14-19 September 2024

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RM7,990 *Include Flight

Open for High School Student
Special incentive plan for teacher with 20 students

(Osaka X Kansai)


Anytime, Anywhere

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Open for High School Students
Special incentive plan for teacher with 20 students

Discovery Camp, Osaka X Okayama Japan 14-19 September 2024

Be the first to join Discovery Camp, the first Malaysia’s school holiday camp held in Japan. This trip is open for any high school student with the interest to explore Japan’s life value, sustainable city, education system and technology.

The Discovery Camp Objective

Discovery’  exposes Japanese values such as Ikigai, Omoiyari and Kaizen before the tour. During the tour, participants will put value in each hakken (discovery), taiken (hands-on experience), keiken (experience) and iken (opinion) during the tour. This will be used for dream creation, finding their ikigai, draft future planning and start acting as global citizens.

Each participant will also get exposure on student exchange programs and chances to study or work abroad.



  1. School visits and cultural exchanges with Japanese students.
  2. University and vocational college tours; sharing session on the opportunity to study abroad.
  3. Hands-on experience in making Japanese food and crafts.
  4. Special sessions with the Malaysian diaspora in Japan.
  5. Visit Japan's largest and most important scientific research institute. 
  6. Witnessing the impact of major natural disasters and understanding the reconstruction process
How Discovery Camp works?


  1. Participants will meet in a pre-departure program before travelling. This program will familiarise them with the expectations and preparations before the camp begins.
  2. Participants come from different schools for the camp.
  3. They will be provided with journals to record their experiences and opinions.
  4. The program will combine a sense of friendship, adventure, technical visits, and cultural awareness.
  5. Participants will explore Osaka + Tottori, Okayama, Echizen in duration of 6 days and 5 nights
  6. Post-trip: Students will share their experiences and submit their journals. We will share what the students have gained during the camp with their respective parents or schools.
Accommodation, Transportation and Meal During Camp

Package Includes

➤ Flight Ticket (Air Asia)
➤ Meal as Stated
➤ English Speaking Guide
➤ Travel Insurance
➤ Sim Card
➤ Discovery Kit
➤School program with H.I.S. Team

Package Excludes

➤ Personal Expenses
➤ Visa / Passport Arrangement

How To Book

Enquire Now!
Cancellation and Refund policy
  • Deposit: RM 500 per head (non-refundable)
  • Cancellation Period:
    • Up to 60 days before traveling – no cancellation fee (except deposit)
    • 59-30 days before traveling – 50% cancellation fee
    • 29-15 days before traveling – 75% cancellation fee
    • Within 2 weeks before traveling – non-refundable