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Family School Holiday Camp in Osaka, Japan!

Exciting news! School break is coming in Sep 2024!
Wondering where to spend this September (14-19 Sep 2024) school holiday?

We’ve got the answer! A super fun educational camp in Japan
(Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe & Nara)!

The first Malaysian school holiday camp in Japan!

This awesome package includes flights, a comfy hotel to stay, travel insurance, rides, meals, tour guide and more!

For 6 days and 5 nights, you will:

Explore cool Japanese stuff

Make friends and learn social skills

Pick up some Japanese words

Have crazy fun with cool activities

Spend quality time with your family

Get ready for the Best School Holiday Ever!

Hurry,  Act quick – these spots won’t last long.

Why should you join?

• Visit Japanese education institution 
• Cultural Exchange Programme
• Pre-Travel Seminar: Basic Japanese Language Workshop
• Explore Largest Science Facilities in Japan
• Learn about the secret of Japanese Ikigai, Omoiyari, Kaizen
• Ride bullet-train in Japan
• See what it’s like to study and work in Japan
• Hands-on experience in making Japanese food and crafts
• Do fun activities and get cool stuff!

Travel kit, modules and e-certificates are also provided!
Students will also get…
PAJSK International Marks

Act fast! Special price ending soon!

Normal Price: RM8500
Special Offer: RM7990
Early Bird Price(until 31 May): RM7887

Limited slots available—reserve your child’s spot now

Based on our past experience, seats will fill up within a few days. Make sure to secure a spot for your child promptly. This program is highly valuable and unique in Malaysia, providing motivation for children’s future.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can join the briefing scheduled on the date below.

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