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Our Company

H.I.S. Co. Ltd, is a Japanese corporate company based in Shinjuku and considered one of the world’s largest travel agencies. With 40 years of experience, H.I.S. Co. Ltd have 206 subsidiary companies, including travel line, insurance, theme park, hotel business and many more. H.I.S. Travel Japan currently has 267 stores in Japan. Outside Japan, it is located in 268 locations in 159 cities in 69 countries. In Malaysia, registered under H.I.S. Travel (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., we have six offices in Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Penang and Kota Kinabalu that provide a wide range of travel solution product. This includes leisure travels, company trips, private tours and our most recent educational tours.

Learning Beyond Borders

We believe knowledge and experience go hand in hand. By learning beyond borders, students are able to reinforce classroom materials by being exposed to real-world situations. This concept inspires our tailor-made trips that focus on three core concepts “Heuristic, Intuitive, Scholastic”. Our tours are carefully designed to stimulate critical thinking, in still a sense of responsibility, enable teamwork and
determination to complete tasks.


“Allowing students to learn by discovering things themselves and learning from their own experiences”


“Incorporating both analytical and intuitive to be used in practical situations, problem solving and survival”


“Adapting academic approach and findings in relation to scholastic achievements”


‘Discovery’ is an edu-tourism program with the goal to build a  ‘global citizen’ mindset through value-based & heuristic edu-trip.


1. Reach and give exposure to Malaysian students with positive Japanese culture. 

2. Exposure to them, chances to join international exchange programs, intercultural programs,study in Japan, working in Japan and internship programs.

3. This program will benefit students to find Ikigai, future planner, dream creation and become global citizens.


By adapting the ‘Shu-Ha-Ri’ concept, ‘Discovery’ carefully separates programs in pre, during and post travel. ‘Discovery’ exposes Japanese values such as Ikigai, Omoiyari and Kaizen before the tour. During the tour, participants will put value in each Hakken (discovery), Taiken (hands-on experience), Keiken (experience) and Iken (opinion) during the tour. This will be used for dream creation, finding their ikigai, draft future planning and start acting as global citizens. Each participant will also get exposure on student exchange programs and chances to study or work abroad.

Program Adaptation (Shu-Ha-Ri)

Teaching Stages
Shu (守) Ha (破) Ri (離)
The student follows the teachings of one master precisely. Focus on how to do the task.

In this stage we will give each student exposure on Japanese Life-culture and how they adapt in their life. The concept of ‘Omoiyari’ will be highlighted. We will conduct a seminar or 1-day camp for the students.
Once the student understands the underlying principles and theory behind the technique, we will guide them to integrate that learning into his practice.

In this case, we will invoke students to create new solutions to current issues. We will highlight the Kaizen concept.
Transcend stage. Here, the concept of Ikigai will be taught. Ikigai will create a sense of purpose, a reason for living.

We hope all values that they have thought will be used in their daily life. In the future, the student might be critical towards culture and racial norms but still holding positive value with them.

Collaboration Partners

Discovery is a partnership project focus on educational trip.

H.I.S. Malaysia is a travel agency founded in Japan that provides inbound, outbound, corporate, and online travel services.
Cakap Jepun is a Malaysian language academy that provides online and face-to-face Japanese language classes.
Dreams Language Academy helps their students to master Japanese & Korean languages using simple, effective & fun techniques.