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6 Days Aviation & Railway Trip

Osaka, Nagoya, Hamamatsu & Kyoto

This packed 6-day tour will be a delight for aviation or railway enthusiasts as we will take you to the best aviation and railway
museums all around Japan. You’ll have the chance to witness actual sized models and learn about their proud history of
technology and expertise!

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6 Days Factory & Farm Stay Tour

Osaka, Kobe, Wakayama, Nara & Kyoto

An introduction to the world of manufacturing, this 6-day tour will
help you to understand how certain products are made and
processed in a daily basis. In addition, enjoy a one-night stay with a
local host family in a traditional farmhouse to learn more about
Japanese culture.

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7 Days Adventure Trip


Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s four main islands boasts large tracts of unspoiled natural landscape, typified by sprawling forests, rugged mountains and majestic rivers and waterfalls. This trip provides students with the best of both worlds, as they’ll have the chance to explore Hokkaido’s buzzing capital Sapporo, before embarking on an
adventurous itinerary of hiking, rafting, canyoning and horse riding.

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7 Days Culture Trip

Tokyo & Kyoto

This week-long tour gives students the chance to explore Japan’s two main cultural centres – Tokyo and Kyoto – and to encounter some of the country’s most iconic landmarks. The action-packed itinerary provides a perfect balance between the modern and the traditional, with activities including a sushi-making class in Tokyo, a day-trip to see Mount Fuji at Hakone and a visit to the picture-perfect Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. Students will also experience a morning at a local school - a unique opportunity to

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7 Days Art & Design Trip

Tokyo & Kyoto

Standing at the forefront of modern design practice and with a cultural heritage rich in printmaking, artisanal craft, textiles and fine art, Japan is the ideal destination for those studying art and design. This seven-day tour gives students the chance to explore Japan’s two most important cultural centres, with
an itinerary full of museum and gallery visits, as well as outings to a number of must-see landmarks.

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Osaka, Nagoya, Hamamatsu & Kyoto
6 Days Aviation & Railway Trip

This packed 6-day tour will be a delight for aviation or railway enthusiasts as we will take you to the best aviation and railway museums all around Japan. You’ll have the chance to witness actual sized models and learn about their proud history of technology and expertise!

Early arrival at Kansai Airport and join its Factory Tour on how in-flight meals are prepared. Transfer to Osaka City to see one of Japan’s most famous historical landmarks Osaka Castle. Later, shop till you drop at Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade.
After breakfast, head out on a 3-hr journey to Gifu to visit Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum and marvel at its wide variety of aircrafts including research aircrafts, fighter jets and helicopters. Then, travel to Nagoya to visit the Aichi Museum of Flight which is located in Nagoya Airport and watch real aircraft taking off up close from the observation deck!
Visit the Mitsubishi MRJ Museum that gives you hands-on experience of the assembly process of Japan’s first jet airliner. Then, head down south to SCMAGLEV and Railway Park to see the evolution of their high-speed railway technology such as the shinkansen. Next, head over to the museum of Japan’s leading car manufacturer, Toyota Motor Corporation, where they display its latest models and technologies. Lastly, head out on a 2-hr journey to Hamamatsu.
In the morning, visit the Hamamatsu Air Park to learn about the history and aircraft of the modern Self-Defence Force. Next, visit the Yamaha Motor Co. to learn about their products in the “past, present & future”. After lunch, speed across the country on a bullet train to Kyoto. Wander through thousands of red torii gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine and visit Kyoto Railway Museum.
See the famous bamboo groves and hop on the Sagano Romantic Train for a leisure train ride through the beautiful forest of Arashiyama. Then, marvel at the picturesque Kinkaku-ji Temple and head over to Kyoto’s famous geisha district, Gion.
Homeward bound!

What’s Included

a) All transportation within your destination country, including all inner-city transfers (buses, trains, flights)
b) City transportation in private and fully insured coaches
c) Occasional public transport
d) Clean and risk assessed accommodations (standard 3* or 4* accommodation, guest houses, hostels, depending on specifications). Students single sex, single/twin rooms (depending on specifications). Teachers in private, single/twin rooms
e) All meals during your stay according to the itinerary
f) All tickets to attractions listed on the itinerary.
g) Local tour leader and guide.
h) Travel Insurance.


a) For all itineraries displayed in the brochure, the price includes one teacher free for every ten pupils
b) All itineraries and activities are flexible
c) All our prices are displayed in MYR
d) All activities, transportation & accommodation have been risk-assessed and we will share all relevant assessments with parents and teachers pre-departure

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